3 tips for finding design clients in 2017

3 tips for finding design clients in 2017

There is no question that things have changed when it comes to trying to find clients as a freelance designer. The internet and social media has changed the games when it comes to finding design clients. The thing is this is the world we live in. There are more people now than ever looking for design clients and it can be extremely competitive. No matter which of the method you use below you are going to have to stand out when finding design clients.

Here are some great ways to standout when finding design clients:

  • Offer unbalanced amount of value to your potential clients
  • Offer to do some work free to prove what your work can do for your potential clients
  • Give a discount on some of your services
  • Give free reviews, consulting,etc

3 tips for finding design clients in 2017

tips for finding design clients in 2017: using social media

Social media is often the first thing people think of when it comes to finding design clients in 2017. This is a really good method but it is going to be wicked competitive. That is not all bad though this means you are going to need to stand out and really shine. Most people who are using social media to find design clients is to just give someone a link to their portfolio and say work with me. This is like being a kid in the class and waving your hand in the air like a madman. You want to try and strike up a conversation and start to understand your client’s needs. Your portfolio is not lead in but should be back to what you say.

Also using Direct Messages or DMs have become some of the best ways to find design clients in 2017. This allows you to have a one on one conversation with your potential leads and really understand their design needs if they have any. Again with this you just don’t want to send a portfolio link and say work with me. You are going to be talking with someone personally so make it personal. Do some research on the business or find exactly who you need to talk with.

Some of the best social media platforms for finding clients

3 tips for finding design clients in 2017

tips for finding design clients in 2017: using email

Yes you can still use email in 2017 to find design clients. Is it going to have the highest turn around rate? Well it depends on how you do it and who you do it to. When using email you NEED TO DO RESEARCH. You need to research the company history,industry, and even a little on who you are going be emailing to bring up to some points to make sure you know what you are talking about. Also maybe suggest some changes to any of their marketing material that you might see that needs update.

Another form of using email to find clients using email is using email marketing and having an email list. Now there are so many ways as a designer that you can build an email list but that is for another blog post. The best way of using an email list is to build it of all your previous clients to remind them of your services and try to get return business, which is always good business.

tips for finding design clients in 2017: making cold calls/client visits

Sometimes getting clients takes something personal. This is when making personal visits or phone call can actually help you out. This might not be for all people but it can help more than any other option on this post. Sometimes the best thing to do is to talk to someone one on one in person. There are times you would not do this. Like if you do not have the personality for meeting people in person or if your client is too far to make repeat visits. This is also a good option for keeping repeat clients.

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