Charlotte Marketing

If you are already working with Inner Geek Designs for all your design solutions why not also get your marketing through us? It does not matter what service you get with us we are already going to do market research to help make sure we are going to be going in the right direction. So we are already at the starting point to do the marketing for you. We will work with you to understand your market and how to stand out in a loud crowd in today's mostly digital marketing. If you are not using all the tools out there or are overwhelmed we can help you with what tools would work best for you to help reach your target audience and strengthen your marketing.

All Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

Today Social Media has become the main form of delivering information and getting attention in front of customers. With the world becoming more of a phone first world if you are not using social media as a delivery tool in your marketing plan you are hurting yourself in more way then you think. We can work with you on this to help make sure that you use the right social media platform to get in front of the right target audience that will turn into customers.

Email Marketing

Well if you think social media might be to new for your audience for the time being Inner Geek can help you with using email marketing to reach out to your audience. We can help with you getting started of setting up a list and then in turn will communicate with your customers and help communicate with them when you can't. We can schedule emails for as far as you would like to and give you full reports on how they are engaging with your target audience.

Content Marketing

More and more businesses are using content marketing in their marketing programs.This is to help reach a larger audience and help show that they are the go to leader in the market. With as a wide subject content marketing is Inner Geek Designs can help your business by sitting down with you and talking about your business and see what fits your market the best.

Inner Geek Designs Charlotte Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

If your business is wanting to start a marketing program you might need some help to make sure that you get off on the right foot. We can help you with being a consultant to see what your business does, what your market is, and why are the best tools to use to reach the largest audience.