About Inner Geek

Inner Geek Designs has mixed Graphic Design and a clothing line under one roof. Why you may be asking yourself. The answer is that, all the tools that we use for our graphic design clients are the same so why not try something new. The Inner Geek graphic design team works with our clients. We ensure that they get the the best quality design services. With our clothing line Inner we wanted to help people embrace their own personal Inner Geek whatever that may be. Inner Geek wants people to have the ability to get their favorite designs on as many products as possible that is why we have our own official store and a Redbubble Store.

Inner Geek Graphic and Web Design Services

Inner Geek Designs is a Charlotte, NC based design studio. We specialize in Graphic and Web Design. Our design process differs from other design studios. We ask questions that get down to heart of the reason you are coming to a design studio for graphic work; what ever that may be. Our goal is to ensure that you are communicating with your audience in the proper manner.

We are not happy with a project until it you and your customers are pleased. Inner Geek works with you to give your customers an experience that not only communicates but also give an experience that will stick in their mind.

Inner Geek Clothing Brand

Inner Geek Designs is not just a a great design studio for everyone it is also one of the best clothing brands to help let your personal inner geek out. We make products that help show off your personal inner geek no matter if that means your comic lover, hardcore gamer, or just an overall geek. We make sure all of our products are not just of the highest quality for the first couple of months we make sure that if our product ages with you it will still look just as good as it did the first day!