Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Add and Edit Text

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular software that is used for Graphic Design, Logo Designers, and Illustrators. Coming from a program like Photoshop it can be an undertaking. It can take some time switch your understanding on how the program works. Adobe Illustrator is used a lot for logo designs and typography because of the type tool and how great it is to work with the other tools in Adobe Illustrator verse how it is to works in other Adobe programs.

How to Add text in Adobe Illustrator

Similar to all other Adobe programs Adobe Illustrator has a type tool. To get the type tool in Illustrator you can either go to your tools and select the type tool. It looks like a serif “T”. You can also use the keyboard shortcut for Mac and Windows hit the “T” key to get the type tool to show up.

how to add and edit text in Adobe Illustrator CC 01

When you have the Type Tool selected you will notice that the top ribbon changes to have all of the Type Tools options highlighted for quick access.

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So now you are ready to add text to an Illustrator file or art board, that is great. To do this you will notice that your courser has changed now that you have the Type Tool selected. You can either simply click in your working area and a text field will show up with some dummy text. Using this method will allow you create text as long as you want. It is great for if you are making a logo and need to move small chunks of type around to create a design.

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The other way to add type to an Illustrator document is a little different. When you have you Type Tool selected if you click, hold, and drag in your working area you will then create a text box for you to work with. This will allow you to edit and add any text in this text box and will make sure that all the text fits to it. This is great for those who are needing to have a large body of text and edit it in bulk.

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