Adobe Muse CC Tutorial: Intro to Adobe Muse CC

In the Adobe Creative Cloud are some of the best apps that are used for creative professionals in all fields. This is not difference for Adobe Muse CC. This is one of Adobe’s newer applications. Adobe Muse CC is an application that allows you to design a website without touching a line of code. This app is good for those of who are just learning Web design or are not comfortable with code yet.

What kind of websites can you design in Adobe Muse CC

With Adobe Muse you can design any website you would like to. The only thing is that the letter the website you design the harder it will to be to keep up to date. The best use case for Adobe Muse is for smaller websites and one page websites. When it comes to larger websites with multiple pages and have a blog section for content marketing this is where Adobe Muse starts to fall flat. To do larger websites like this you should look into other platforms like html or WordPress. This does not mean that Adobe Muse can not do websites like this but you might run into issues with updates and designing.

How does Adobe Muse CC work

Adobe Muse works similar to Adobe InDesign. It is similar to other drag and drop platforms only has more functionality. This is a good in between fully needing to code and drag in drop. Adobe Muse has a similar interface to all the other Adobe apps. The main difference comes when adding pages to a website. To add pages to an Adobe Muse website you simply add the to a site map. This is a great way to get a simple visual understanding of how your website is laid out and hierarchy.

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