Best Web Hosting Options in 2017

When it comes to something like Web Hosting it can be sometimes an opinionated. People enjoy specific features when it comes to a web hosting option. Some people are just looking for the cheapest option to get a website up and going. The thing is most of the web hosting options out there today have […]

Adobe Muse CC Tutorial: Intro to Adobe Muse CC

In the Adobe Creative Cloud are some of the best apps that are used for creative professionals in all fields. This is not difference for Adobe Muse CC. This is one of Adobe’s newer applications. Adobe Muse CC is an application that allows you to design a website without touching a line of code. This […]

Why should you use: YouTube in your Marketing

Social media has become a driving force in marketing today. What is better than having the ability to directly communicate with your customers and get instant feedback? Well in marketing not much. That is why more and more companies are using social media. The main question is what social media to use for your company; […]

Web Design Case Study: Intrigue Publishing, LLC

Intrigue Publishing, LLC was established in May 2012 with the objective of publishing at least six books each year. We strive to publish books by authors who have a unique perspective and compelling authority. These will be works that intrigue the reader, that is, arouse the reader’s curiosity with their unusual, new, fascinating and compelling […]

Best Wacom alternatives in 2017

When it comes to drawing tablets there is one brand that stands out over the rest; Wacom. They make some of the best products when it comes to drawing tablets and pen tablets. The thing is that not everyone can afford Wacom devices. That is why there is such a large market for Wacom alternatives. […]

​How much should you charge design clients?

When it comes to designers talking about money it can sometimes get awkward. Designers are not the best people to talk about money or business. It can sometimes be hard for designers to figure out how much they should charge design clients. This is something not only starting of designers struggle with but also more […]

3 Tips: when designing a website

When it comes to designing a website it can sometimes be a daunting task for starting off designers. Especially for a larger website with multiple functions. There are a couple simple way to make it easier when designing a website. A lot of people are think that when designing a website that you need to […]

Best tablet for graphic design in 2017

Tablets may not be something people are jumping off their seat to get anymore. The thing is though there are some uses still for a tablets. Tablets are having a huge surge in the Graphic Design industry. This has happened due to the additions of stylus on majority of tablets and improvement with design apps. […]

How to find design clients

As a designer you are going to need to find clients at some point. It might be when you are a starting off and needing to build a portfolio. It could be you are a freelance graphic designer or Web designer and like and die by your clients. Maybe you are working at an agency […]

Best Laptops for Graphic Design in 2017

As a Graphic Designer some one of the tools you need to have is a good computer. More Graphic Designers are becoming mobile and are going to need a laptop to keep up with there work flows. The thing is not having a good laptop can actually slow down a designer’s workflow. That is why […]