Best tablet for graphic design in 2017

Tablets may not be something people are jumping off their seat to get anymore. The thing is though there are some uses still for a tablets. Tablets are having a huge surge in the Graphic Design industry. This has happened due to the additions of stylus on majority of tablets and improvement with design apps. […]

How to find design clients

As a designer you are going to need to find clients at some point. It might be when you are a starting off and needing to build a portfolio. It could be you are a freelance graphic designer or Web designer and like and die by your clients. Maybe you are working at an agency […]

Best Laptops for Graphic Design in 2017

As a Graphic Designer some one of the tools you need to have is a good computer. More Graphic Designers are becoming mobile and are going to need a laptop to keep up with there work flows. The thing is not having a good laptop can actually slow down a designer’s workflow. That is why […]

Why should you use print 2017

Today more and more things in business are moving towards digital. Sometimes though a personal touch is missing when things move towards digital. This where print can still come in handy in a mostly digital world. Think of it this way when you get something in the mail that is customly printed, no not bills, […]

3 tips to Hiring a Designer

As a small business, startup, or a larger business at some point you are going to need to hire a designer for a single project or a large body of work. With you being a large amount of people calling themselves graphic designers you need to make sure that you were getting the best quality […]

How to communicate with your design client

As Graphic and Web Designers we can sometimes feel like that clients are working against us to get a project finished. The truth of the matter is that they are wanting to get the same goal as you. They want the best end result just like you do. Your clients did not go to design […]

The Truth about Design School

There are a log of people who will tell you as a designer you are must have a degree and sometimes it must be from a great school or else you won’t get by in the industry. Well this statement is only half true at the most. The world is changing from what it initially […]

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Add and Edit Text

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular software that is used for Graphic Design, Logo Designers, and Illustrators. Coming from a program like Photoshop it can be an undertaking. It can take some time switch your understanding on how the program works. Adobe Illustrator is used a lot for logo designs and typography because […]

3 Tips: for using Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms out there today. Almost everyone and their grandma are using the platform. The reason it is so popular is because everyone can understand pictures and videos. Its user interface is so simple anyone can pick it up and use it. The thing about Instagram is figuring […]

Why Should you: Still Have a Website in 2017

Today there are a lot more platforms than there ever were at the start of 2000s. Back there were only few options you had if you wanted an online presence. You could have a website, be on an industry business directory, or post to industry forums. Today you have a crap ton of options on […]