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There is a large crowd that will tell you that print is dying and that digital is taking over everything. The truth is there is some merit to that statement. The fact is that print will always have a niche and knowing when to use it can leave a more lasting impression on a customer then a digital alternative. Inner Geek Designs can help you with all your print design needs. We understand all of the popular print methods, paper weights, and when to use what combination to get the best impact. We can help you make the best choice when it comes to print design and make sure it does not break your bank. We work with local printers and online printers to make sure you are getting the best price for what you are getting.

All Print Design Services

Inner Geek Designs Charlotte Print Design

Print Solutions

We understand not everyone likes to work with a printers and it can be hard sometimes. We can be the middle man person for you and your printer. We work with printers of all sizes from local to online options to help fit in your budget. We can help you find the best printer for your need, complete all print files, and work with printers to make sure that your printed products are the best quality.

Large Format

Do you need some wicked big prints? We can help you with hat and make sure that your files come out right and look the best they can with as large as you want. We will work with our selected printers that can handle large format print jobs to make sure the install goes smoothly and turns out great!