Charlotte Web Design

A website today is usually the first thing people will see about your business whether you are in the Charlotte area or not; so why just have an average website? Inner Geek Designs will work with you to make sure that you get the best website you can have. We will work with and understand what kind of website will work best for you. We have knowledge in HTML 5, CSS, PHP, and WordPress. No matter what platform you decide to go with we will make sure you have the best Charlotte web design experience and get a website that not only looks good but works right and easily. Inner Geek Designs is one of the few design studios in Charlotte that makes all of our websites are responsive and works with all screen sizes. We understand the world is moving more towards a mobile world so we have got your back and we offer all of our clients a responsive website with no extra charge.

Charlotte Web Design

We can hear you now “why should we even hire a web designer today” We get it with websites like Wix and Squarespace a lot of people are questioning why web designers are needed when they can make a website themselves. Well it is simple you might be thinking you are saving money by going to a website like these but you are going to be locked into a monthly subscription, you will be using a lot of time you could be using to work on more important projects, and you will not be getting the most benefit of it because you will not have a complete understanding of design.

Web Design Pricing

Web Doamins

Starting at $20/Month

SSL Certification Optional

HTML Website

Everyone has used a HTML at some point, and yes there is still a spot for them online.

Starting at $2000

Responsive Design
Custom Domain Name
Up to 10 Pages

WordPress Website

A WordPress website is great for if you are going to have a lot of changes to your website and you want to make them.

Starting at $3000

Responsive Design
Custom Domain Name
Up to 15 Pages

Ecommerce Website

best for someone who wants an online store.

Starting at $5000

Responsive Design
Custom Domain Name
Up to 20 Pages

Web Hosting

Starting at $200/Year


All Web Design Services

Inner Geek Designs Charlotte Web Design

Web Design

Businesses across the world need a website even in Charlotte. Inner Geek Designs can help you with your business website no matter what the size of the site. We will work with your website to make sure that your site will work on all devices, be easy to use, and look great.

Inner Geek Designs Charlotte WordPress Web Design

WordPress Website

WordPress websites have become some of the most popular websites in the last couple years. These are easy to update websites, easy to add a blog for any type of content marketing program, great for ranking in search engines, and are a great choice for larger websites. Inner Geek Designs can help you with all of your WordPress needs to help you get setup and going with a website


Search Engine Optimization

Today people do not look in the yellow pages to find your business; people today use search engines to find your business. If your website is not on the first page of a search page you are loosing a crap ton of traffic and possible new business. Inner Geek Designs can help you with getting your website Search Engine Optimized. It does not matter if your website was created by us or if you have a preexisting website, we will help you out get your website on the front page of Google and other search engines.


Web Hosting

Web hosting can be really complicated sometimes. That is why Inner Geek Designs not only offers web design we also offer web hosting. If you are starting a website this is a great starting point to integrate with your website. If you have a preexisting website and are looking for a new hosting option with your website we are redesigning, we also have you covered.


Web Domains

While your at it if you are getting your website, and web hosting with Inner Geek we can also offer you web domains. This will complete your package for your website and make sure everything is optimized for the best performance.

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