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Are you feeling like you brand is not what it used to be or your logo is not aging well. Inner Geek Designs has got you covered, we can work with you and making sure your logo and brand are not only strong but are communicating with your customers in the best way possible. Our team does not worry about the most current trend we are more worried about what leads to the most results for your target audience. A logo and brand are suppose to communicate with your audience when you are not about what your business is and we will make sure your logo just does that.

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Inner Geek Designs specializes in working with teams of all sizes to help give them a new or redesigned logo or branding for products. If you are a new start up or a new business that needs a new logo we can help you by understanding your business, market, consumers, and competition to make your logo help communicate with your target audience and help speak about your business in a graphical format. If you are a preexisting company and are looking to get a complete re brand we will work with you and look at what you have had previously. From there we will take what was good and work it into a more modern take.



A logo is great and all but why not also make sure your brand is getting the full treatment with stationaries. Your customers are going to see your business cards and letter heads more then anything else; so why not make sure it is a wicked one? Inner Geek can help you make sure that your stationaries will stand out and leave a lasting impression with all of your customers.

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