How to Find Graphic Design Clients in 2018

There is a little known fact that some freelance designers might not know. That is towards the beginning of the year a lot of businesses are starting to think about how to use their money. This is around the time of the year a lot of companies are starting to get their budgets in place. This means it is one of the best times to start cold calling for new design clients so here are some tips on how to find graphic design clients in 2018.

Tips on how to find graphic design clients in 2018

  • Use social media
  • Use network events
  • Use phone calls and schedule meetings
  • Build an email list
  • Client referrals

Tips on how to find graphic design clients in 2018: use social media

There is no question that social media is a great tool to use in 2018 to try and find design clients. The only issue is that everyone is currently using it to also do the same thing. That means you are screaming in an already loud room so you need to find a way to stand out as a brand in social media. There is a couple ways that you can do this.A lot of people who are out there on social media are just saying “work with me cheap work here” this might work and get some low hanging fruit. If you want to really get some good quality clients and not people who want work done for cheap or free you need to do more. I would start by cold direct messaging or DMing companies you would like to work with. Try to present them more value than you are going to be asking for. Also you might not want to DM the company social media profile. You might have to do some research to find who is a head of marketing, sales, or the company and message them.

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How to find graphic design clients in 2018

Tips on how to find graphic design clients in 2018: network events

Network events are another great way to find graphic design clients in 2018. Most major cities have a network group and meet on a regular basis. These are great ways to get into your local community and learn more about some of your local businesses. These groups usually only allow one member per trade so you might need to look around for one that has an opening. The thing is a great way to find graphic design clients is by referral and this is a great way to gain the reputation to do that.

Tips on how to find graphic design clients in 2018: phone calls and meetings

Using all of the digital tools that are available to date are great. The thing is though you can start to loose a personal touch when you only deal with online tools. That is where making a personal call to try and talk with a new client or even scheduling a meeting to meet one on one. Now this might seem weird for a lot of younger designs who are looking to find graphic design clients. The truth is this is how it used to always be done and there is still a reason to day to do it. You can get to see the person face to face and get to know them a little better. On top of that if everyone is emailing or not trying to meet the person they will just be another email in the box that might just get shuffled into a folder.

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