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About Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. (JMS)

Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. (JMS) is a Water and Wastewater equipment Manufacturer based out of Charlotte North Carolina. JMS has specialized in designing and manufacturing water and wastewater treatment equipment in stainless steel for over 50 years.

About the Project

JMS came to Inner Geek Designs looking for a new website. Their old website was starting to get dated and needed to have more features to keep up with the times. This was a good time to take a look at their old website and see what features would make the website work better, add more value for their visitor, and make visitors stay longer. Also JMS was going to need to help developing and launching a content marketing strategy.

All of Inner Geek Designs creative services for this project: Web Design, Content Marketing

From our initial look at the old JMS website there where some noticeable changes that needed to be made:

  • Need of responsive design to work on all devices
  • Need of modern and user friendly design
  • Completed pages with content
  • Blog section for company news and content marketing
  • Section for sales reps to get current info and material

Measure of Success

When sitting down with JMS we needed to understand how to tell if the website was a success and was performing better than the older website. To start off we got a whole year of data for the old website to get a pace line. After that then we could move forward and find our measuring stick for the new website.

The way that we are measuring the success of the new JMS website is:

  • Increase amount of visitors to the website
  • Increase length of visits
  • Decrease bounce rates
  • Increase leads from the website

Completed Project

The best solution we could find for the new JMS Website was a WordPress website. This would make it a lot easier for updates down the road and the inclusion of needing a blog for content marketing. This also allowed for the website to be responsive and work on any device. To start we designed an actual home page that had call to actions to lead visitors to the rest of the website to increase the length of the visitors time on the website and decrease bounce rate. All of the product pages we designed to have an image slider of images of the products. This would allow for people who visited the page to see the equipment right away and learn more about the project down the page. Also each product page included a highlighted section that includes key features and a link to a YouTube video that also shows the key features.

With the WordPress website there was a lot of flexibility allowed like the ability to include what we called a “Rep Portal”. This was an area of the website where each individual sales rep could login and get material that they can use anywhere. Also it allowed for the creation of a new find a rep map. This map allowed for visitors to put their zip code in and find the nearest JMS rep.

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