Why should you use print 2017

Why should you use print 2017

Today more and more things in business are moving towards digital. Sometimes though a personal touch is missing when things move towards digital. This where print can still come in handy in a mostly digital world. Think of it this way when you get something in the mail that is customly printed, no not bills, doesn’t it make you feel special? Well think about how it makes your customers feel when you do something like that for them. Also when you something well printed it can leave more of a lasting impression that something digital usually can’t do. Think about all the emails you get from other businesses. There are a lot of uses for print in marketing and business so let’s look at some of the uses.

Business cards still have impact

Today a lot of people in the business​ and marketing world think that business cards do not have much use anymore. Maybe this is true I mean what does a small piece of paper still do in 2017? I mean you can get all the same info off an email or an ecard. You could even just get the contact info from there person and put it in your phone right then and there.

Well those are all good point to make. The truth is though business cards can have such a large impact on a person if done right. A business card in a mostly digital world can stand out. If you have a great card that is designed right and is printed on some great paper it can help leave a lasting impression on potential​ client or customer. Think of it this way it is a way to keep you in the person’s mind who you just had a meeting with. This is what business cards were originally made for. Not only a way for someone to get your contact information but also a way for someone to remember you by.

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Scream at trade show

Trade shows may seem like a dying effort more and more for some industries. The thing is though that trade shows do still have a use in 2017. That is a topic for another time. The thing is though the print material you bring to a trade show can help you stand out from the crowd. Yeah you could bring a TV or a monitor but honestly everyone does that. Yes you should probably bring your brochures and some pop-up banners. The thing is with this most of the other people at a trade show will be doing this already. To really stand out is you are going to need scream with your print material. This means make sure that your brochures are not just good but they are the best around. Instead of using pop-up banners think about using a modular wall system or a booth wall that has a spot for a monitor or TV. Also do not use the ugly tablecloth that most trade shows have. You should get a custom printed tablecloth with your company’s logo. There are so many other ways that you can make yourself standout in a trade show with print material so explore and see what works.

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Show your customers you care

The best way to use print in 2017 is to make something that shows you care about your customers. This can be done in many ways and you should definitely explore many options. You could do something small that goes to all your customers. You could also do a lager gift that goes out to your more loyal customers or maybe some of your team that sales the most of a product or service. This not only will show your customer that you care but also help keep you in your customer’s mind when it comes to a buying choice. You could do the same thing with buying some chocolates or flowers but you aren’t dating them, this is a business relationship​ treat it like one. Pull up your big boy pants and spend a little extra money for something nicer that will make you stand out.

Stay away from the usual items like calendars, mouse pads, or anything else that you do not use personally from vendors or customers send you. If you do not use it, why would they. Think about using something that stands out and maybe be more personal for who you are giving it to. You want them to feel special not like you are adding to the pile of junk.


If you are wondering if print is dead in 2017 you need to stop. The truth is print will never die. It will only become more and more of a niche. Print will never become as big as it was once before. The world is moving more and more towards digital. The thing print can do better than any digital content is it can help amplify your human interactions. Say you are talking with a customer and you just have an iPad or tablet you would get a better response with having a brochure, business, and an iPad. This is because now your customer has two items they will leave on their desk to think about your business. So before you stop using print all together think again.

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