Web Design Case Study: Intrigue Publishing, LLC

Web Design Case Study: Intrigue Publishing, LLC

Intrigue Publishing, LLC was established in May 2012 with the objective of publishing at least six books each year. We strive to publish books by authors who have a unique perspective and compelling authority. These will be works that intrigue the reader, that is, arouse the reader’s curiosity with their unusual, new, fascinating and compelling qualities.

About the Web Design Project

Intrigue Publishing came to Inner Geek Designs looking for a redesigned website. Their current website before the redesign was a WordPress website. It had a complicated menu. Even though the website was a WordPress website it was not responsive. The site was outdated with its design on top of all the other issues that the website also had.

The goal of this project was to completely redesign the website and make it more modern. The website when completed needed to be easy for the owner of the site to make changes to the site as needed. Intrigue Publishing’s website also needed to make sure that anyone viewing the site can see the entire catalog of books offered. It also needed to responsive on top of all of this.

About the Web Design Process

When it came to designing the Intrigue Publishing the main thing that was kept in mind was to make the website as simple as possible. The first task to handle was to pick out the best theme for the website. The theme chosen for this WordPress site was a theme called Marine. The reason this theme was chosen because it is has good shortcode support, some good functionality, and is woocommerce compatible just incase an ecommerce store is needed to be added later on to the website.

The next thing to tackle on the  website needed to be so easy that anyone could use it. This is where having a simple menu helped this website. It made it so anyone could navigate the website. This means no hamburger menu on a desktop version, only tops level pages shown on the menu, and not many different style of menus on the pages. From there it was as simple as layout each page.

The thing that took some time to find was a plugin to add some functionality to their site that they need. The client needed the ability to add events that they would be at. It not only needed to be something easy to do it also needed to be that anyone could submit events as well. It was finally decided the The Events Calendar would work best with the community events add on.

The end Result of the Project

At the end of the project was a website that not only were we happy with but also our clients were happy with the turnout. The site is a drastic difference from the older website. This website does not only look better than the older website it also is more user friendly, lighter weight than the previous website, and completely mobile friendly.

We were lucky enough to find Inner Geek Designs to design and build our website. They gave us more then we asked for at a great price. We will definitely continue to work with them for all of our website designs and updates.

Denise B. Camacho | Intrigue Publishing, LLC

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