Why should you use Twitter in your marketing

Why should you use Twitter in your marketing

Social media has become a driving force in marketing today. What is better than having the ability to directly communicate with your customers and get instant feedback? Well in marketing not much. That is why more and more companies are using social media. The main question is what social media to use for your company; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pintrest, Instagram, or any other. It all comes down to what is your target audience. Each social media mainly attracts different types of audiences with some overlap. Facebook is if you want to reach mainly middle class mid 20s-40s. Twitter is a mix of a millennials, corporations, and people in corporate world. Linkedin is all business all the time.

Twitter is what you could call the water cooler of social media. It is where someone can start at a topic and everyone can put their two cents in about it. It is also where you can get whatever is going on at any point in the world within seconds. That is why when people are watching popular shows like game of thrones you will hear the term “live tweet”. The main hurdle with Twitter is the character count. This might seem hard for people to fuse it and get their message across. But when you get over it, you will start to learn to love Twitter.

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Using Twitter as delivery tool

Twitter like all social media platforms can and should be used as a delivery method for all of your content. Twitter is a great option because of the ability of using hashtags to reach a larger audience than might be following you. Some people think you need to make your own hashtag to gather people’s attention on Twitter. This used to be something people would try to do and honestly it is a lot of work for little return. You should only use hashtags that are established because people will be already following them and looking at them.

Using Twitter to find clients/business

Yes Twitter can be used to find clients and new business leads. Is it going to take a lot of work? Well yes just like all social media it will. There are a couple of ways that you can do this on Twitter. The first is by “cold DMing” this is when you find a company or someone you would like to work with and offer your services. Think of it as a new version of cold calling. You can learn more about this is our post on 3 tips to find clients in 2017.

The second way to find clients on Twitter is by using Twitter search. This will allow you to search all of Twitter for either a hashtag or by what someone was written in a tweet. This is great if you are looking for someone who is looking for your services. Imagine you can find someone who is looking for your services and after that talk to them right away.

inner geek designs Why Should you use Twitter in your Marketing 02Use Twitter as a communication tool

The thing that Twitter does better than any other social media is allow you to nativity talk with your audience. This is great for people who are wanting to build a community. Think of it this way,would you like to work with a brand or business that is a blank faceless wall or a company that has a voice and is willing to talk with as many customers as possible? Most people want to work with a company that is willing to answer questions and actually talk with customers.

Take for instance the Taco Bell and Wendy’s Twitter. Both of these accounts not only have communicated with their audience but do it with such character and humor that they have become internet phenomenons themselves. This not only has lead into more and more people tweeting these accounts but also has lead into more loyal customers.

Live streaming on Twitter

A lot of social media platforms have the ability to live stream. Twitter is no different than the rest. Twitter bought out Periscope and has integrated their features into Twitter for live streaming. Live streaming is a great no matter what platform you use. Live streaming can be one of the best options to gather instant feedback and engage with your audience. With Twitter live streaming viewers can ask questions and also give instant feedback by hitting a heart button. This feature can be used by asking your viewers to hit the heart button to show how they feel about a topic.


Twitter is still one of the best social media platforms today even with all of its shortcomings. It is not only great for all of the benefits social media can bring but also is great to be used as a communication tool. It is something all businesses need to look into when it comes to looking into what social media to use in their marketing.

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